Filter Assemblies and Spare Parts
This range of Filter Assemblies and Spare Parts are known for their long lasting quality and trouble free fixing method. These spare accessories have unique mechanical strength and these are oxidation protected. Long service life and standard rigidity are their main aspects.
Filter Cartridges
These ergonomically developed Filter Cartridges have extensive application in general engineering, oil refinery, automobile and electroplating arena. Developed from standard grade raw materials like PP, ceramic, stainless steel and galvanized iron, these have high filtration rating.
Filters-Metal Mining & Refineries
Filters-Metal Mining & Refineries are used for removal of heavy metal content (as for instance nickel and arsenic), for handling sludge and also for recovery of copper enriched solution. Housing part of these products is made of 304 grade stainless steel.
Filter Bags
This range of Bag Filters is available in custom made diameter. With having 1 micron to 10 micron of dust particle holding capacity, these products are appreciated for their prolonged working life. Raw materials like polyester, PTFE, PP, 316L grade stainless steel and polyamide have been used to fabricate these items.
Filter Media
Offered range of Filter Media can be availed both in standard and custom made specifications. This array of product is mainly used for through cleaning of pool and irrigation water. Reliable operation, superior quality and application of top grade raw materials are the key features of these products.
Filter Housings
Provided array of Filter Housings is available with 25 liters to 500liters of filtration capacity range based option. Utilization of these products can be noticed in residential and commercial buildings. Developed from HDPE material, these can be used under high pressure.
Washable Filters
Offered range of Washable Filters is appreciated for its high dirt holding capacity and unique filtration efficiency. With having around 50m maximum length and up to 2 m width, these filters are popular for their <80% RH humidity level.
Basket Filter Strainer
Strainers & Basket Filters are used for thorough removal of dirt and debris having large diameter. These cost effective products can endure up to 110 degree C operating temperature. EPDM/viton /silicon made O ring of these products has unique sealing properties.
Catalyst Recovery System
Developed from stainless steel, offered PLC controlled Catalyst Recovery Systems are used for filtration or organic chemicals for their re-usage purpose. Advanced filtration and back washing technology is adopted to treat those chemicals. Precise diameter and long working life are the key features of these systems.
PTFE Lined Fittings
These specially designed  PTFE Lined Fittings are used for introducing gases into liquids for their porous structure. Penetration of gases into fluids creates air bubbles. As its result, volume and duration needed to dissolve gases into liquid reduces. These PTFE products are cost effective.
Culinary Steam Filter
Approved by ISO or FDA, this range of Steam And Other Filters can be availed in maximum 100 um micron filtration capacity. External diameter of these products is around 60mm. These are used for filtering of air, gas and steam.
Water Demineralization Plant
Driven by PLC and motor, this range of Water Demineralization Plants can operate at 15 degree C to 45 degree C temperature range. Maximum recovery rate of these plants is 75% and nominal salt rejection rate is 99.60%. Long working life is one of their key aspects.

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